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Services that guarantee

Our service suite comprises critical services to accelerate your digital health product development cycle. We also specialise in: Clinical Research Organizing (CRO) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Technical Skills

  • AI & ML Ops

  • Deep Learning

  • Agile & Scrum

  • DevOps

  • Cloud & Edge Deployment

  • Medical Image Processing

  • Signal Processing

  • Data Analytics

  • Digital Phenotyping


  • Understanding Needs

  • Context Research

  • Conception of Ideas

  • Design Thinking

  • Solution Design Documentation

  • Implementation Effort Estimation

Research & Development

  • Translational Research

  • Concept Design

  • Project Planning

  • Data Collection & Management

  • AI / ML Pipeline Testing

  • Evaluating Open-source Resources

  • Designing and Conducting Pre-clinical & Clinical Trails

Product Development

  • Ideation to Prototype

  • Product Design & Development

  • Policy Implications & Implementation

  • Deployment Design & Development

  • Product Lifecycle Design & Implementation

Our own cloud platform allows us to handle your data and technology in keeping with the stringent compliance, privacy, security and regulatory requirements of today’s marketplace. All this is backed by ISO-certified quality standards.

We are also well-entrenched in the Indian healthcare ecosystem, providing access to design and implementation, clinical trial design and implementation, validation studies for innovation development and testing, as well as regulatory services for Software as a Medical Device – document and data management, applications and processes.

The decades of experience residing in our team, covers deep expertise in scientific research, image processing, technology development, clinical trial management, human-centred design thinking and AI / ML software development.

The ValueTime Development Process

Clinical & Business
Context Research

Q & A Sessions, Workshops, User Interviews

Customer Data

Data Exploration, Enrichment & Analysis

Data Preparation

Data Preparation

Model Training

Model Performance Optimization

Model Robustness Enhancement

Solution Deployment

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