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Choosing the right service partner is crucial to the success of your Medical 

ValueTime specializes in end-to-end R&D, innovation, product development, machine learning and technology consulting. Our international presence is supported by a high-tech development center in Pune, India, staffed by certified consultants.

What is the most effective way to build a digital health product?

Freelancers can't help, trainee developers can't help, and you can't do it all by yourself. Developing digital health products at warp speed is a complex business with high stakes. Our deep experience in this domain helps you accelerate your product development cycle with a suite of AI and machine learning powered services. When and where fuzziness arises, bring order to it

Diagnostic Clinical Trial

These trials are conducted to establish the accuracy and reliability of the new test or device before it can be widely adopted in clinical practice. The study typically compares the performance of the new test or device to a current standard diagnostic test or device.


AI/ML Brain Image Solution

ValueTime is a company that specializes in reselling products, and in this case, they are reselling the InMed Prognostics product. InMed Prognostics is a product developed by InMed, an AI/ML-based company that specializes in brain imaging quantification.


Automating the
Neurology Workflow

Automating the neurology workflow refers to using technology such as AI and machine learning to streamline and improve the efficiency of various tasks and processes within the field of neurology, such as image analysis and diagnosis, patient monitoring, and treatment planning. This can help to improve the speed, accuracy, and consistency of the neurology care, thus providing better patient outcomes.


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